My first Tri (relay)

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No words can describe how marvelous it felt while racing the run leg of this Olympic distance triathlon. Sure, I’ve ran 10km countless times.. But it wasn’t for a triathlon. It wasn’t at 8:30am. It wasn’t in subic, where the weather was SCORCHING HOT (about 36Β°) with a cloudless sky and no trees by the road to give you shade. 


With a Gretchen Fullido as the swimmer, chef Carlo Miguel on the bike and me on the run, we aimed for an over-all relay podium finish. 

 But what with Cheffy’s front wheel breaking, we lost about 10-15 mins when he changed his wheel to one from a marshal’s bike. We finished 6th, not bad right?

Despite feeling like I could pass out from the heat, I was smiling from ear to ear because the vibe and energy of tri was just so alive. It really kept me going. 
I wouldn’t have joined this if it werent for the push, motivation and inspiration from the people I train with..

Kuya Kim crashed head first from his bike yet managed to still finish the race albeit bleeding and needing to get stitched up after the race (he went to the ER after finishing.) such a warrior!
Jonah suffered a flat tire on the 34th km mark of the bike so he WALKED the remaining 6km of the bike in his bike shoes and transitioned to the run after. What a rockstar.
Chef Carlo Miguel, as mentioned, broke his front tire and wanted to DnF but he said he couldn’t bare disappoint me and not let me run on my first tri. Thanks for that, Cheffy.
It was too hot that day, but everyone pushed. Keith, who is part of our little chat group, even got a podium finish.
Mark Bu, Coach Ige and Mark H all finished with a sub 3… But apparently that was slow for them already. (It’s super fast for me)


 I’m so lucky and happy to be training with these strong triathletes.. And I’m happy to have somewhat experienced the endorphin high that they get after a race. Sure we endure the ugliest tanlines after.. But it sure makes our hearts happy! I can’t wait for my next relay (ironman) and my first whole TRI! πŸ’ͺ🏽 



Solaire Staycation

This time last week, I, together with my training buddies Sara & Lian, went on an all out girls-last-summer-hurrah staycation in Solaire Resort and got spoiled rotten.
Lian and I came from a 30km bike ride in Nuvali so getting picked up by the hotel’s Benz (with back massaging seats) was surely a treat. 

The service from when we stepped foot into the car up until we were dropped off back home was impeccable. Upon arriving the hotel, we were greeted by staff and were immediately ushered to our rooms. Despite having two rooms (and three beds), the girls and I decided that we wanted to stay together in the suite since it was big enough to accommodate a family anyway. 
First up on our itinerary was lunch in one of their signature restos, Red Lantern. As I mentioned, since Lian and I came from training and Sara had just arrived straight from work, we were famished. We consulted with our server which ones were the best sellers and ordered them. The seafood that we had felt like butter in our tongue as it melted in our mouths. That’s how fresh they were. We also had the honor of meeting the resto’s Chef, whom we commended non-stop for his sumptuous food and he then made us tey his special mochi dessert right after. Creamy goodness. Yum.   

Now as if we haven’t eaten enough, the girls and I walked over to Patiserrie where we had more sweets and some coffee. They had a vast selection of pastries, gelato and other desserts that we had a hard time choosing what we wanted. We ended up with 3 mini cakes and our choice of caffeine. 

Coming back to our suite, you could see the pool from our window and we thought that it was too beautiful a day to stay indoors so off to the pool area we went to spend the rest of the afternoon for some R&R in our cabana. Looooved the hot tub. Our muscles were thanking us for that.  
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We just spent the whole day bonding with each other. It’s different when you’re all in training or racing (or shooting). Having a more relaxed set up gave us girls the chance to get to know each other more outside of sports. 

Something must be wrong with our bellies as when the clock struck 8, we were all once again hungry. We already had reservations in another Solaire signature restaurant, Finestra, and dining there was quite an experience. Our server, Earwin, was the best. He was chatty without being overly so, was knowledgeable of everything we asked of, even when Sara & Lian asked him what size of steak seemed a suitable order for them. Our lobster salad was beyond amazing, my seabass order was incredible and Lian & Sara’s steaks were (as I’ve been told) ridiculously perfect.

With happy bellies, we went to dreamland, but only to escape at 4am to do a race back in BGC. A weekend wouldn’t be complete without a run for us three anyway. (Had we not raced, we would probably be spotted in the hotel gym still doing our thing.  

That 10km race surely worked up our appetite. We decided to just order in and wait for our spread whilst we rested and freshened up. 

Sara and I got the “healthy lifestyle” breakfast option while Lian chose the Chinese breakfast. We also had detoxifying juices on the side. The spread looked like it could feed a family of 10 but 3 hungry girls wiped out all the plates.

Now, you wouldn’t have a weekend of R&R without a trip to the spa right? What with our full training schedules most of the time during the week, this 2-hour “For Her” spa treatment — a 30 min body scrub, 45 min massage, 45 min facial — was exactly what our bodies needed. Least to say we all fell fast asleep right when the treatment began. 



We capped off our Staycation with more food — late lunch and afternoon tea at Oasis garden cafe. After ordering our sandwiches, and afternoon tea Filipino special (with Turon, bibingka and whatnot), I realized that I had left my Cartier bracelet inside the spa locker. 5 mins later, someone from the Solaire staff personally brought it back to me in the resto. Their 10/10 service rating for me just went up a notch, if that were still possible at this point.      


The weekend was nothing short of perfect. It had the perfect balance of food and activities; rest, relaxation & racing. From their service, staff, food — everything about Solaire was solid. To say that I loved my stay there is an understatement. They surely know how to treat you like a princess. Although I think my friends and I were treated more like queens, more than anything else. Thank you , Solaire for that wonderful, unforgettable weekend. I can’t wait to do it again!


Beautiful BaliΒ 

Bali is a place I will forever hold dear in my heart as this is where I went to heal, pray & yoga after going through a great ordeal last year.

Several days ago, with a new set of happy & content eyes, I went back, all for a different kind of adventure.
I’ve always been meaning to surf, or atleast learn how to, so just imagine how ecstatic I was upon finding out that first on our agenda was surf lessons from Quiksilver’s Bali Surf Team. 


I was very much elated to have been able to stand on the board right at the first time!! Even if I only surfed baby waves, boy, was I stoked!


Other beach activities were on our itinerary the following day but I chose to just chill by the beach in my very “conservative” swimwear. Having been training under the sun all the time, my shoulders and arms were already a lot darker than my legs. This new swimsuit design allowed me to even out my tan. Don’t you just love it?


At the behest of no one, I still awoke at 6am everyday in this trip to practice yoga. Glad the other girls were able to practice also on our second day though! 



Sunset sessions, shopping & just enjoying the sights were also some of the highlights of this trip. To say Bali is Beautiful is an understatement. No words will ever suffice to describe the beauty of it. So let me just say more than a thousand words by these photos. 


What a fun & memorable trip this was. The best part? We didn’t really have to pack anything as we were lucky ducks being able to don Roxy’s newest collection that’s just being released in a few days! Can’t wait for the  the new collection to hit the stores!