A day in the life of a yoga teacher/triathlete/entrepreneur 

A lot of people have been asking me about how I manage my time given that I wear quite a number of hats. I get questions like how I get to do all the things I do, and how I manage to keep the same energy everyday. I also get a lot of questions about how my usual day looks like. So I decided to finally tell you all about it– one time, big time. All questions answered in this entry. 

To tell you honestly, I don’t have a “usual” day as my schedule is different everyday — the only constant schedule are the yoga classes in the studio. But my daily schedule more often than not kinda looks like this:

 I usually start my day before the sun even rises to drink my coffee, go through messages I missed during my slumber, check social media and news sites. Only after I’ve caffeinated can I really get up to prepare myself for a long day ahead. And once I’m out of the house, I usually only get to go home again mid day (to have a quick shower and perhaps change my bag) then off I go again.

 Morning’s are usually meant for training so I head out to my run/bike/swim/gym sessions and train depending on what my coach has in store for me.  

 After training, I head to the yoga studio to teach a class or two and then also do my self practice. If I’m lucky, I get to go home for a quick shower and to change my outfit for some meetings and errands. There are times when i get to end my day early but often I teach another class to end the day (usually private bookings for corporate spaces). 

 When the day is done I make sure I’m in bed before midnight and the next day is another one. Sometimes I train twice and teach once. Oftentimes I train once and teach thrice. It’s always a different mix, and i feel that it makes life pretty exciting.

 Having laid out my day here, I’m just grateful that I live within the area of where I work so I usually just walk everywhere. (Because  A)carbon footprint and b) its faster to walk that bring a car) 

That being said though, it also means I have to bring all my stuff with me as I walk from one place to another. As much as I’d want to bring a shoulder bag with me, it’s just not practical.
I found this really cool backpack from Avon designed by Jodi that’s super cute, super affordable and big enough to carry my life. Well, ok, not my life but it’s big enough to carry everything I need for the day.

It’s got so many pockets so you’ll be surprised with what things I get to stuff in there. From extra shirts, small towel, yoga mat cleaner, yoga balm, toiletry kit and even my camera.

Cute fact: the bag contains a small pouch that doubles as a body bag so I can just leave my backpack in the studio and just bring the pouch with me when I head out for lunch. So. Practical. #love

With everything that’s going on with my life everyday, I just make sure that I don’t have to think about anything else anymore. Everything I need are in one bag so I can carry on with my day, be early or on time in every appointment. And have a smile plastered on all throughout.

*if you think my bag is cool, you can avail it too! Shop at http://www.avonshop.ph 🙂

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