My first Tri (relay)

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No words can describe how marvelous it felt while racing the run leg of this Olympic distance triathlon. Sure, I’ve ran 10km countless times.. But it wasn’t for a triathlon. It wasn’t at 8:30am. It wasn’t in subic, where the weather was SCORCHING HOT (about 36Β°) with a cloudless sky and no trees by the road to give you shade. 


With a Gretchen Fullido as the swimmer, chef Carlo Miguel on the bike and me on the run, we aimed for an over-all relay podium finish. 

 But what with Cheffy’s front wheel breaking, we lost about 10-15 mins when he changed his wheel to one from a marshal’s bike. We finished 6th, not bad right?

Despite feeling like I could pass out from the heat, I was smiling from ear to ear because the vibe and energy of tri was just so alive. It really kept me going. 
I wouldn’t have joined this if it werent for the push, motivation and inspiration from the people I train with..

Kuya Kim crashed head first from his bike yet managed to still finish the race albeit bleeding and needing to get stitched up after the race (he went to the ER after finishing.) such a warrior!
Jonah suffered a flat tire on the 34th km mark of the bike so he WALKED the remaining 6km of the bike in his bike shoes and transitioned to the run after. What a rockstar.
Chef Carlo Miguel, as mentioned, broke his front tire and wanted to DnF but he said he couldn’t bare disappoint me and not let me run on my first tri. Thanks for that, Cheffy.
It was too hot that day, but everyone pushed. Keith, who is part of our little chat group, even got a podium finish.
Mark Bu, Coach Ige and Mark H all finished with a sub 3… But apparently that was slow for them already. (It’s super fast for me)


 I’m so lucky and happy to be training with these strong triathletes.. And I’m happy to have somewhat experienced the endorphin high that they get after a race. Sure we endure the ugliest tanlines after.. But it sure makes our hearts happy! I can’t wait for my next relay (ironman) and my first whole TRI! πŸ’ͺ🏽